Meet Our Renowned Team of Neonatologists

Providing exceptional care for your newborn.

Our dedicated team of exceptional neonatologists offer extensive experience and expertise in providing comprehensive care for newborns.

Home Physicians

Dr. Craig A. Anderson, DO

Craig A. Anderson, DO

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Dr. Stephanie L. Carner, DO, MHA

Stephanie L. Carner, DO, MHA

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Dr. Shannon Delaney, DO

Shannon Delaney, DO

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Dr. Shomir Deshpande, MD

Shomir Deshpande, MD

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Dr. Michelle L Jones, DO

Michelle L Jones, DO

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Dr. Andrea Schwartz, DO, MHP

Andrea Schwartz, DO, MHP

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Dr. Neal K. Sharma, MD

Neal K. Sharma, MD

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Dr. Parker L. Simon, DO, MPH, Dip ABLM

Parker L. Simon, DO, MPH, Dip ABLM

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